Personal Porn, AVN Nominee Chloe Amour

Chloe is an elegant, distraction free porn blog. It features a minimalist design in black and white, leaving the only full-color content in the main column is are images of the actress, Chloe Amour, in action. And when you have got Chloe Amour, why would you want any distractions?

Amour herself is a smoking hot combination of Native American and Hispanic that produces a look that is one of a kind.With striking features and skin so tan it look like it should still be warm from the kiss of the sun.

Site Foundation isn’t the only one who’s noticing Chloe Amour. In 2014, the Adult Video News (AVN) awards ceremony nominated Amour for best All Girl Group Sex Scene.  Wild as it may seem, they managed to pick someone else for winner. Scandalous indeed. Mitigating the insult, the scene that won featured Dani Daniels and Asa Akira.

The article format features an image from the video, followed by the video itself.  Then there are numerous screen grabs from throughout the clip cut with text descriptions and commentary on the section of the video represented by that image.

The site features multiple performers but promises no specific genre, only high quality material that the author himself likes. It offers personal preference in place of a niche. All in all Site Foundation offers high quality material and lots of it. Definitely worth checking out.

Perfect Ass Loves the Latinas

Perfect Ass has always had an obsession with asses, I mean just look at their name. They discuss them, take pictures of them, and just generally fawn all over them. We’re down with that. And they have always had a penchant for getting hung up on one porn star and obsessing about her endlessly. Well now they’ve combined all that with a Latina fetish.

Besides having lots of Latina stars covered, like Marina Angel and Sara Luvv, they now have their one stop Latina shop for all the hot-blooded fun you can stand.

Premium Quality At a Minimum

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